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At the entrance to the Madeira Casino, the Game Room offers 200 slot machines, 2 Blackjack tables, 2 Poker tables and 2 American Roulette tables. For those who like the adrenaline of the game or for those who want to have a drink, it is the ideal place.

♠  Slots

The fun is guaranteed through our 200 slots machines with graphics and high definition sound.
In slot machines, the value of a game credit can range from a penny to two euros, and the variety of games allows entertaining inexperienced and experienced players. Add progressive jackpots and constant surprise prizes, and you’ll have the explanation for the appeal of these games.

How to play

How to play

Choose your machine.

Plan in advance the amount you want to play on each bet, and choose the slot machine with the denomination that suits you best. The minimum bet amounts vary between one cent and two euros.

Before you start playing check the payment plan of the machine and check which combinations of symbols and bets that qualify for the prizes you want to win.

Never play on a machine whose operation you do not fully understand. Call one of our staff and discuss your concerns.


The bet you make per move is indicated on the machine’s display. If it matches what you want to bet, confirm by pressing the “play” button. Whenever you win a prize, the machine adds the value to the credits counter.

If the machine you are playing in offers the possibility of doubling the prize won, you can try your luck or just get what you have earned up to that point.


Whenever you want to receive credits accumulated in the machine counter press the “receive credits” button. The machine will issue a payment ticket, which can be presented for payment in our payment box or alternatively, be entered on another gaming machine to continue playing.

In cases where payment by ticket is not possible, a Casino employee will give you the prize won, however, suspending the operation of the machine.

♣  Blackjack

Black Jack (21) is one of the most famous games in Casinos. Its purpose is for the player to make a total of 21 points or a value as close as possible. The player makes the bet before being awarded the first card. The cards are dealt from left to right. First, two cards are dealt face up. The Banker, in turn, draws two cards, one open and one face down.

How to play

How to play

In case of not making Blackjack, the player can choose from Staying, not asking cards if the score is greater than 11, or Continue by asking more cards to reach the highest score without exceeding 21. If you exceed 21, you lose your bet . As soon as your score is closer to 21 than the Bank, you will gain an importance equal to that of your bet, otherwise you will loose the bet.

If there is a Tie, Player and Bank with the same score, the play is considered void; however the Blackjack combination always wins the total score of 21. If the score obtained in the two Bank cards is 17 or higher, you can not take any other. If the total is 16 or less, you must draw cards until you reach a minimum score of 17.
Card value

Card value

Aces = 1 or 11, except for the Banca game, in which it will always be worth 11 if the score of this game is 17 or higher, not exceeding 21, because if it exceeds it, it will become worth 1

King, Queen and Jack = 10

Remaining cards = nominal value
Other rules

Other rules

Pair unfolding

Whenever you receive the first two cards with the same value, you can separate them and make two independent bets, as long as you play in each of them an equal importance to the initial stop. Each move must be completed separately. If there is a split of Aces, only one card will be dealt to each Ace. In the event that a 10 is dealt to any of these Aces, the play will be considered 21 and not Black Jack.

Bet duplication

When the value of the first two cards totals 9, 10 or 11, you can double the bet, and then you will be dealt a single card, while the chips delivered by the player will be placed by the dealer.


When the Bank’s open card is an Ace, after the second cards have been dealt, you can make an Insurance on your bet, up to half of it. If the Bank makes Black Jack, the bet made with the Insurance will double its value, being lost in the opposite case.


The player may withdraw from the play, losing half of the amount bet, as long as the Bank’s open card is not an Ace. After the first two cards have been dealt to the player and the Bank, the player must decide whether or not to withdraw. The decision once made can not be changed.

♥  Roulette

Roulette is one of the most fascinating casino games and the most popular.

How to play

How to play

The player can play in one of the thirty-seven numbers on the “Plate” of the roulette. Numbers varying from 0 to 36, inscribed alternately on red and black background, the number 0 having none of these colors.

You can make single and multiple bets, respecting the minimum and maximum values posted on the bench, until the “Croupier”, after throwing the ball, say out loud “Nada mais” (Nothing more). The player must wait for the winning number to receive the winning bets.

The cards have no face value and are identified with a different symbol for each bank. The tokens with the given bank symbol can only be played on it. When they are acquired at the table by the players, they must inform the dealer of the amount they wish to play.

When leaving the table of the game, the player must change the totality of the chips without value that he has in his possession by tokens with face value, making sure that the amount corresponds to the one of the chips in his possession. The chips with no face value that are belatedly presented will be given the minimum value of the bank.
Possible bets

Possible bets

FULL: Bet on a single number. If you win, you win 35 times the bet amount.

SPLIT: Bet on 2 numbers. If you get one of these two numbers, you get 17 times the bet amount.

STREET: Bet on 3 numbers. If you get one of these three numbers, you get 11 times the bet amount.

CORNER: Bet on 4 numbers. If you get one of these 4 numbers, you win 8 times the bet amount.

LINE: Bet on 6 numbers. If you get one of these 6 numbers, you get 5 times the bet amount.

DOZEN SPLIT: Bet on 12 numbers. 1st dozen (1 to 12), or 2nd dozen (13 to 24) or 3rd dozen (25 to 36). If you get one of the 12 numbers of the dozen you bet on, you get 2 times the bet amount.

COLUMN SPLIT: Bet on one of the vertical columns (1 to 34, 2 to 35 or 3 to 36). If you get one of the 12 numbers in the column you bet, you win 2 times the bet amount.

DOZEN SPLIT: A split with two dozens. If you get one of the 24 numbers you bet, you get half the bet amount.

COLUMN SPLIT: A split with two columns. If you get one of the 24 numbers you bet, you get half the bet amount.

The player can play in the simple odds:

Red and black, according to the color of the winning number. Even or odd. Smaller or larger if it is the numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. If you win, the amount paid is the same as the bet. If the roullete gets the number 0, you lose the bet.
Additional combinations

Additional combinations

In addition to those mentioned, in American roulette it is possible to bet on several combinations of numbers according to their disposition in the plate. In series of numbers:

Series of zero or big series bet consists of nine chips without face value, in which the player bets on 17 numbers, with the following combinations: Two chips on the street 0-2-3, one chip on the splits 4-7, 12-15 , 18-21 and 19-22, two chips in the corner 25-26-28-29, and one chip in the split 32-35.

Series 5-8 or small series were the bet consists of six chips without face value, in which the player bets on 12 numbers, represented by the splits 5-8, 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30 and 33-36.

The series “losers” or “orphans” where the bet consists of five tokens without face value, comprising eight numbers, with the following combinations: full 1 and splits 6-9, 14-17, 17-20 and 31-34.

♦  Baccarat

Baccarat is a banked game where the gambler is invited to bet on Player, Banker or Tie

How to play

How to play

In Baccarat, the player must play a minimum of 5€ and a maximum of 350€ and the winning prize equals the bet value. Whenever the gambler bets on Tie and the Player and Banker reach a draw, the gambler will receive a winning prize that equals to 8 times the bet value.

As soon as the gambler places its bet, the Croupier will deal two cards both to Player and Banker. When the sum of the two card that where dealt amounts to a total of 8 or 9 points in either side, the game ends.

All cards are worth its face value, with the exception of tens and face cards, to which the value assigned is zero.

Poker rules

Poker rules

The gambler cannot bet simultaneously in the Player and Banker.

♠  Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em poker is a non-banked game in which players play against each other.

It is played with a deck of 52 cards, with four suits, each with the following cards, in descending order of value: ace, king, lady, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Following the color and sequence, the ace can be used as the lowest card after 2 or as the highest value before the king.

How to play

How to play

In each hand, the player has two personal cards (pocket cards), which are given to him by the payer, and there will be five common cards, arranged in the center of the table. Of these seven cards, the player can choose any five, in order to achieve the best possible combination.

The player can make his combination of five cards with any of the seven cards he has in each move. He can use the two personal cards, one or none, and any of the cards arranged on the table, to form a combination of 5 cards. Each player has an initial amount. When the initial amount is depleted, there may be rebuys. Before each match, the Casino sets the value of the initial amount and of the rebuys.

Before handing out the cards, the player holding the hand will place a bet, called a “small bet” or “small blind”, with the player immediately on the left side of the hand making the “big bet” or “big blind”.

The ‘small bet’ will be equal to half of the table minimum. The ‘big bet’ is equal to the minimum bet on the table. The payer then gives two covered cards alternately to each player and the first round of betting starts. The first player to “speak” will be the one sitting immediately to the left of the player who made the “big bet”. In this case, you can fold, follow the bet (match) or raise (raise). The remaining players will also take, by their order, one of the decisions that ultimately refer.

After the first round of betting has been made, the payer burns a card and draws three ordinary cards to the center of the table, which form the flop.

Then starts the second round of betting, where the first player to “talk” is what has the hand. After all active players have made the second round of betting, the payer burns the next card from the pack and returns the fourth card (turn)

The third round of betting is then started, and it is up to the player with the hand to start the betting. After all the players still active make the third round of betting, the payer burns the next card in the deck and turns the fifth and last river card.

The fourth and last round of betting starts, and the player with the hand will start the game again. In the betting rounds, the rallies will have at least a value equal to the minimum of the table and the maximum will be the total of the bets made until then.

After the last round of betting, the cards are turned over to the payer’s voice, starting with the player who started the last round of betting and continuing on the left. The pot (set of bets placed) is paid to the player having the highest combination, or divided by the highest combinations of equal value.

At the end of the betting round, all players must have the same amount wagered on the pot. However, if a player’s amount does not allow him to match the bet, and he does not give up, he is considered to be “stuck”. If the winning hand belongs to a stuck player, the player receives, in addition to the bet, the proportional part of the pot, handing the remainder of the pot to other winning hands according to the rules of the game.
Poker rules

Poker rules

When it is his turn to “speak”, the player can take one of the following decisions:

Fold — quit the game. In this case, the player announces his decision saying “fold and puts his cards, covered, on the table. The payer then withdraws the player’s cards so that they are not seen by anyone.

Pass — do not bet. The player can only make this decision if he has the hand or if the players that precede him have not made any bets. The decision is announced by saying “pass.” In this case, the player remains in the game until another player decides to bet, in this case he has to cover the bet to remain in the game.

Call — betting importance equal to that of previous bets, without exceeding them.

Raise — raise the bet. In this case, the player places in the pot the same amount as the bet of the other participants, announcing at the same time “raise you …” and then placing in the pot the value announced.

In case there is more than one winning combination of the same value, the pot, the respective proportional part or the remainder are distributed to the respective holders in proportion to their bets.
Game combinations

Game combinations

Maximum color sequence
Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of the same suit.

Color Sequence
Formed by five cards of the same suit in sequence without being the highest.

Combination of five cards in which four are of the same value.

Combination of five cards with three cards of the same value and two different cards but also with equal value (example: three sevens and two fives).

Five cards of the same suit without forming a sequence.

Combination of five cards in sequence but of different suits.

A five-card combination that contains three cards of the same value and the two remaining cards do not form a pair.

Two Pairs
Combination of five cards containing two pairs of cards of different denomination.

Combination of five cards in which two have the same value.

When none of the players show any of the above combinations, the one with the highest face card value wins.

Casino da Madeira

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Our offer in terms of cocktails will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. Pay a visit to the Palm Bar in the Casino’s game room and taste our signature cocktails.


The Copacabana is the Cathedral of the Madeiran night. With a sound system, lighting and video projection of excellence, this nightclub is the scene of very lively nights and themed parties.


At the Bahia Restaurant, you can find international shows accompanied by a fine meal.

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