The fun is guaranteed through our 200 slots, machines with graphics and high definition sound. In slot machines, the value of a game credit can range from a penny to two euros, and the variety of games allows entertaining inexperienced and experienced players. Add progressive jackpots and constant surprise bonuses, and you’ll have the explanation for the appeal of these games.

Choose your machine.
Plan in advance the amount you want to play on each bet, and depending on that you choose the slot machine with the denomination that suits you best. The minimum bet amounts vary between one cent and two euros. Before starting to play, check the payment plan of the machine and check which combinations of symbols and bets give you the right to the prizes you want to win.
Never play on a machine whose operation you do not fully understand. Call one of our staff and discuss your concerns.

The bet you make per move is indicated on the machine’s display. If it matches what you want to bet, confirm by pressing the “play” button. Whenever you win a prize, the machine adds the value to the credits counter. If the machine you are playing in offers the possibility of doubling the prize won, you can try your luck or just get what you have won up to that point.

Whenever you want to receive the credits accumulated in the machine counter press the “receive credits” button. The machine will issue a payment ticket, which can be presented for payment in our payment box or alternatively, be entered on another gaming machine to continue playing. In cases where payment by ticket is not possible, a Casino employee will give you the prize won, however, suspending the operation of the machine.