Texas Hold’em Poker is played with a standard 52-card deck which is shuffled by the dealer. Players bet and play against each other. The game starts with an initial amount called stake, which can be topped up if it runs out.
The minimum and maximum amounts for the stake and the top-ups are set by the casino.

A hand begins when a minimum of 4 players are sat at the poker table. The maximum players for the poker table are 10.
A player can rest for one or two hands if requested without losing his seat at the poker table
The game is played with two face down cards and five common cards. There are four rounds of betting. The player with the best five cards wins the pot.
All action proceeds in a clockwise rotation.
The places and the Button will be drawn by the dealer. The hand begins when the player who holds the Button pays the Small Blind and the player sitting on the left of the button pays the big blind.
The game starts and each player is dealt 2 face down ‘hole’ or ‘pocket’ cards.

Each player must act on each betting round and make one of the following decisions:
Fold – Abandon the hand
Bet – Bet (if you are first to act in the round or all players before you have checked)
Call – Match the bet of the previous player
Raise – Increase the stake of the previous bet(s)
Check – Neither bet nor fold (only if no bet was made before you)

Poker Combinations
Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Poker or Four of a kind
Full House
Three of a kind
Two Pairs
High Card None of the previous Combinations